Psychoeducational Assessment can be highly valuable in assisting young people. It often allowed them to see themselves as more than just their struggles. It can also provide greater understanding of the reasons behind behaviours which in turn can alter the way in which schools and teachers see and relate to the young person. In short, assessment provides greater knowledge which leads to greater understanding.

At Strengthening Minds we conduct a range of assessments to assist young people in a variety of situations.

Cognitive assessments

Cognitive or intellectual assessments are best known for calculating an IQ, however, they are far more valuable than this. Cognitive assessments provide a profile of strengths and difficulties which can be used to tailor educational programs. Our psychologists have significant experience with interpretation of these assessments and are able to provide evidence based strategies for the young person. Cognitive assessments may also be paired with assessments of adaptive behaviour where necessary. Adaptive behaviour refers to a persons ability to manage everyday aspects of life from communication to social and interpersonal relationships and living skills.

Educational Assessments

Educational assessments combine cognitive assessment with deeper assessment of academic skills. These assessments provide much better direction for educational planning as they identify specific areas to focus on. Assessments can also include detailed assessments of memory and attention. These assessments are key in the diagnosis of learning difficulties and in long term educational planning.

Behavioural Assessments

Assessments of a range of possibly concerning behaviours can be conducted by our psychologists. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


At the completion of all formal assessments a written report will be provided. These reports are designed to assist with further planning and provide strategies for home and school. The reports will be provided and explained in a face-to-face feedback session. Feedback sessions with schools can also be arranged. Where appropriate reports designed to support funding submissions and special consideration within state government and independent schools are provided. We also provide reports for Paediatricians and other professionals as necessary.

Where appropriate we may suggest further assessments with other professionals such as Speech Pathologists or Occupational Therapists.